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Become a Licensed Partner in America's Fastest Growing Industry and Turn

Mold to Gold™

Mobile Cannabis Remediation

Opportunity Benefits

Indoor Grow

The industry's need for cannabis flower remediation is growing each year. Due to new and existing states starting to legalize medical or recreational cannabis, the need for meeting acceptable levels of microbes is only increasing.


We estimate your return on investment - in addition to profits - the first year you start your business. We help you succeed by driving business to your area through regular marketing and educational outreach.

Purogen Van

Having your own cannabis remediation business will allow you to schedule your own hours without the need for additional staff and associated operational expenses. You'll be fully operational in as little as 60 days.

Become a Licensed Partner

Become a licensed operator in your state and quickly develop a client base for repeat, predictable income.

Schedule a Live Presentation

One of the first steps is to attend a live presentation and receive all the information you need about running a cannabis remediation business. We discuss operational activities and the financial blueprint.

Make An Initial Investment

Prior to making any investment, you’ll have a thorough understanding of all costs, operational expenses, and profits. When you’re ready to secure a territory license, we start the process of getting you set up for success.

TheBOX Remediation Device

Get In-Person and Online Training

We work with you closely during the setup and deployment phase for your assigned territory. You’ll have access to self-paced learning online, in-person at actual sites, and virtual live sessions.

Committed To Your Success

The surge in cannabis production and consumption allows you to plan a long-term and stable income by owning a Cannabis Remediation territory.

As your partners, we are equally as invested in seeing the growth and success of your business.

Compliance Strategy

We assist our licensed partners to stay in compliance with state and federal laws through immediate or frequent communication.

Proven Processes

We have offered cannabis remediation for over 5 years with over 20 years in biological remediation. We are in a constant state of improving operations and procedures.

Marketing Support

With years of experience in cannabis marketing, we help drive awareness in the territory that you decide to run your business. We will provide you with the materials necessary for growing your business.

Financial Blueprint

We have developed a clear financial blueprint that allows you to see a return on investment in the first year of business. The goals and process we outline will help you achieve financial expectations.

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